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We are located in central Rehovot, Israel.

Dr. Ruth Aharoni: 052-3632349
Dr. Hezkiah (Hezi) Aharoni: 052-8522093

Psychological Services
We offer psychological services for English and Hebrew speakers including marital, family and parental counseling, treatment for depression, stress and anxiety, consultation, assessment and treatment for English speakers and new immigrants, special needs populations, senior citizens (with home visits possible), and referral services to medical and allied medical professionals.
Helping people help themselves

Book Publishing & Editing Services
Our publishing services include professional editing, producing and publishing of books and publications.

We specialize in academic publications in psychology, education and the social sciences, in producing brochures, books, journals, and booklets. We provide editing, translation and personal consultation to authors in the preparation of various types of books for publication, as well as marketing consultation and promotion of the published books.
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About Our Staff
Ruth Aharoni, Ph.D. has been licensed as a US psychologist (Ohio, License #3354) since 1981. In the US, Dr. Ruth Aharoni worked for over fifteen years as a clinical, developmental and school psychologist with children, adults, families, special needs populations, agencies and hospitals. In Israel, she is a senior developmental psychologist (License # 5298), having also served as principal at a school for children with autism, and director of psychological services in a local council. She is committed to providing quality care, emphasizing short term intervention, which enables her clients to acquire the tools to help themselves.

Hezkiah (Hezi) Aharoni, Ph.D. is a lecturer emeritus at colleges in the US and in Israel on the subjects of education, psychology and communications. He serves as a consultant with individuals, institutions and units dealing with at-risk populations, growth and development, and provides lectures and in-service training. He has authored, edited, and published over 40 books and publications, book chapters and articles in professional and academic journals and web sites in English and Hebrew. In addition, Dr. Aharoni serves as Chairperson of the Israel Association for Adapted Physical Activity, and is known as a social activist and advocate, volunteering and contributing to the community.